“I enjoyed the course A LOT! I believe the FMEP course is best geared for those who are already studying for the CCFP exam and really want to test their knowledge. It definitely helped me see where my gaps are and what I should review before the exam. Thank you FMEP team!”

~ Dr. R.K. Toronto, FMEP Participant Fall 2023

“Thank you for the course – super detailed, a ton of material covered. I will 100% recommend it to my colleagues!”

~ Dr. A.S. Halifax, FMEP Participant Fall 2023

“The course is very informative – not just for the CCFP exam, but also for clinical practice! I appreciated all the pearls shared during the course.”

~ Dr. H.H. Calgary, FMEP Participant Fall 2023

“Took the course early to see what I need to review. THIS COURSE IS SO COMPREHENSIVE! I intend to mainly study from the material provided as it is so in-depth and easy to follow. Thank you presenters for an amazing course!”

~ Dr. G, Vancouver, FMEP Participant Spring 2023

“Every resident writing the CCFP Exam should know about this course! I am so grateful to the FMEP Team for creating this fantastic resource for us. Looking forward to day 3!”

~ Dr. S, Edmonton, FMEP Participant Fall 2022

“There is no course like this out there. Very interactive and very fast paced. I feel exhausted from the amount of material reviewed!”

~ Dr. J.P, Montreal, FMEP Participant Spring 2022

“So much content – not an easy course, but very in-depth, very detailed and really pushed my knowledge. Useful for exam and in practice.”

~ Dr. A.H, Vancouver, FMEP Participant Fall 2021

“Evidence based slides… very thorough, nothing missed… I will need to address my own gaps in knowledge, this course helped me see what I need to review again. Thank you so much and thank you for running it in a COVID19 Pandemic.”

~ Dr. O.O., Manitoba, FMEP Participant Fall 2021

“I have already recommended this course to my friends. Wish I knew about this course sooner in my studying.”

~ Dr. Z.H., Toronto, FMEP Participant Fall 2020

“Hands down, one of the best courses I have taken – ever.”

~ Dr. R., FMEP Participant Spring 2020

“Excellent course! I enjoyed how quick and succinct the topics were. It was a great review of ALL the topics tailored specifically to CCFP objectives & current practice guidelines. The amount of effort put into this course by Dr. Anastasia and Dr. Azra is very evident.”

~Dr. A.P. , FMEP Spring Participant 2020

“All the lectures were well thought out. SOO approaches were a great part.”

~ FMEP Spring Participant 2020

“Would give 10/10 on every single lecture covered in the 3-day course. Overall, awesome course! Would recommend!”

~ Dr. A.D., FMEP Spring Participant 2020

“Preparation was excellent, the food was amazing, the hospitality was phenomenal and everyone was very approachable.”

~ FMEP Spring Participant 2020