Is COVID-19 Over? Stay Up-To-Date With This SAMP

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Is COVID-19 Over? Stay Up-To-Date With This SAMP

August 19, 2023 | Family Medicine Exam Prep Course | CCFP

We are excited to see so many of you join our fall FMEP courses. Several of you have requested we continue to post more practice SAMPs, so here you go!

Just a reminder… pay attention to the questions. Here are our general tips one more time:

1. Pay attention to the questions. Look carefully at how many items you are being asked to list. If the question asks for five items, you will not get more marks if you list eight items; the examiner will look at the first five and allocate marks only for the first five answers so be careful. On a SAMP, if it is not clearly stated how many items you should list, look at the amount of points/marks being allocated for the question to get an idea of how many answers the examiner may be anticipating you write down.

2. Do not write lengthy answers. Most questions can be answered in 10 words or less!

3. Be specific when writing down investigations (hemoglobin instead of CBC; CT abdomen instead of CT).

4. Remember that trade names and generic names are both acceptable when writing down medications.

5. For more helpful tips, you can refer to CCFP’s SAMP instructions by clicking here.



Is COVID-19 over? Stay up-to-date with this SAMP. (7 points)

1. True or false: As of July 2023, the community prevalence of COVID-19 test positivity is trending down. We are now in the low prevalence territory. (1 point)

    • True

2. List three measures you could take in the office to reduce COVID-19 transmission. (3 points)

    • Acute respiratory infection screening
    • Masking – utilize point-of-care assessment
    • PPE use
    • Office flow to minimize risk
    • Cleaning with a low-level disinfectant
    • Ventilation – consider a HEPA air cleaner if the HVAC is poor

3. The Fall 2023 vaccine will based on which virus lineage? BA. 4/5, BQ, or XBB? (1 point)

    • XBB. We expect the XBB variant to dominate in the coming year. This will likely be a monovalent vaccine.

4. True or false: As per the NACI recommendation, those over the age of 65 who have received the primary series should get a COVID-19 booster every six months. This is the only group that should receive a vaccine every six months, everyone else should get a booster once a year. (1 point)

    • False. Those between the ages of 18 and 64 who have high-risk conditions should also get a vaccine every six months.

5. True or false: As per the NACI recommendations, healthy patients between the ages of 5 and 64 who have received the primary series should get a booster every year. (1 point)

    • True

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